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The Telegraph continues its count of the most influential folk in the Anglican Communion. Here is the latest, 21-30. Please note that Giles Fraser, vicar of Putney and part of the selection committee made the list. I am very glad. Recall my note on the first of the lists,

In Anglican Land, however, all influential people are smooth on the outside, crunchy on the inside. They can smile over tea and reduce you to a tattered remnant of your former self all at the same time. They can also make life easier and brighter, while not actually being present with you. Influence makes the power flow – in and out. People who have it can make or break the rest of us."

21 Michael Ingham - Bishop of New Westminster
22. Nicky Gumbel . - founder of Alpha course, vicar of HTB
23 Giles Fraser - vicar of Putney
24. Mouneer Anis - Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East
25. Benjamin Nzimbi - Archbishop of Kenya
26. John Chew - Bishop of Singapore, Archbishop of South-east Asia
27. Howard Ahmanson - Church funder
28. John Chane - Bishop of Washington
29. Lucy Winkett - canon at St Paul’s cathedral

30.Ian Douglas - professor of mission at Episcopal Divinity School, Lambeth Design Group.

previous named persons, in order of the Telegraph "rate" card:

31 Barry Morgan - Archbishop of Wales
32 Jane Williams - theologian
33 Philip Giddings - convener of Anglican Mainstream
34 Susan Russell - Integrity, USA
35 Paul Handley - editor, Church Times
36 Kendal Harmon - blogger
37 Bob Duncan - Bishop of Pittsburgh
38 Michael Poon - Singapore theologian
39 Ian Earnest - Primate of the Indian Ocean, Chairman of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA)
40 Kathy Grieb - Episcopal Church theologian,
41 Jamie Calloway - vicar of Trinity Wall Street
42 Davis Mac-Iyalla - Changing Attitude, Nigeria
43 Chris Sugden - director of Anglican Mainstream
44 Esther Mombo - Dean of St Paul’s theological college, Kenya
45 Marily McCord Adams - Regius professor of divinity, Oxford University
46 Simon Sarmiento - blogger
47 Tom Butler - Bishop of Southwark
48 June Osborne - Dean of Salisbury
49 Norman Doe - Anglican lawyer
50 Ephraim Radner - Wycliffe Theological College Toronto, theologian.

Running tabs: M 23, F 7; US 8, Canada 2, UK 13, other 7; Bps 9. KbyMP (known by Mark of Preludium) 16.


  1. David Wilson11/7/08 9:04 PM

    These listings are all about being British. The majority are white Brits. These people still think they have an Empire and the whole world is affected by what they do. Their high watermark was 1763 when they won the French and Indian War --they've lost vitually every colony since. In 1783 they couldn’t grasp they lost their American Colonies and they still haven’t come to grips with it. GAFCon made it quite clear, the Western Anglican Church is largely irrelevant to the majority of Anglicans. The two most influential Anglicans in the world are both black Africans and are both boycotting Lambeth, Henry Luke Orombi and Peter Akinola. The most influential white Anglican in the world these days may be Bob Duncan and he is listed as the 37th of the top 50.

  2. Nom de Plume11/7/08 10:01 PM

    Sorry, Mark, but Canada 2? Michael Ingham is one, but who's the second? (Ephraim Radner, lately of Toronto, doesn't count!)

    Great to see Norman Doe on the list, even at #49. He's not just a lawyer, of course, but the director of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff University, and the founder and still main player of the LLM programme in Canon Law at Cardiff.

  3. The naughty frat boys at SFiF are so transparently jealous that not one of them has been named to this list (and Susan Russell HAS) that when you click on the link to their story about this, your computer / laptop screen will actually turn green.

    This is just a warning.

  4. The most influential white Anglican in the world these days may be Bob Duncan and he is listed as the 37th of the top 50.

    Just don't tell Jensen, Venables, and Minns! (Or you'll see where FOCAS next turns into FRACAS. >;-p)

  5. Minor housekeeping, or Let's play 'can you spot the spelling errors'.

    45 Marily McCord Adams - Redius professor of divinity, Oxford University

    I normally wouldn't mention this but it causes me to wince everytime I read the list. Goran was more subtle, but that didn't work. 'VBG'


  6. frank...well I took it from Ruth, uncorrected. Now it is. Thanks.

  7. It stings a little that Nicky Gumble is ahead of Giles Fraser, if only by one place. And "Howard Ahmanson - Church funder"? "Funder of the fundamentalists" might be more appropriate.

  8. GAFCon made it quite clear, the Western Anglican Church is largely irrelevant to the majority of Anglicans.

    This one of the lies that conservatives believe if repeated often enough will magically become true. More correctly stated, the bishops over the majority of Anglicans believe that the Western Anglican Church is irrelevant. In most cases these bishops were not elected by their constituents, who had their bishops appointed for them in the African version of the Good Ole' Boy's Club.

    Time and again, Western Anglican Church member contact with the average Anglican of the majority, confirms that most of them are unaware of this controversy or occupied by more pressing life matters. This is definitely a top-down controversy, with the folk of the street and field ignorant or disinterested in what their "representatives/bishops" are about.

  9. d wilson. If the French hadn't intervened in and underwritten the American rebels, you'd now be living in Southern Canada. The Surrender Monkeys who fought and paid for US independence.

    As to empire - pull your head out of the sand a couple of seconds and see who's screwing-up big-time in the Middle East nowadays.

  10. Mr. Wilson (1) wrote: "..The most influential white Anglican in the world these days may be Bob Duncan.."

    I doubt it. He did not even attend GAFCON! me thinks he is being edged out by the anti-women's ordination folk on the right.

    Not sure what that will mean for Pittsburgh, as many there are in favor of WO. Maybe they will vote to stay!


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