Missing Fr. Jake, Terry, or who ever he is.

So, its Saturday afternoon and I've labored over a Sermon for three days and all I have to show for it is these miserable scraps of paper and seven blog entries. My mother is poking along but her days are few. My mind is a bit fried and my spirits in need of a bit of a rant...and where is Fr. Jake? Gone but not forgotten.

In sure and certain hope I live with the promise of a new Terry sighting, worthy of these days. Perhaps one that will do me good, as the old Fr. did me good. He said he'd be back. We are waiting.


  1. James, among a few others, has begun a blog to fill some of the gap left by closing down Jake's Place; The Three Legged Stool.

    Things are slow there because James is having a major surgery.

    However, he left a cryptic post on Thursday with this little ditty;
    "Episcopal Life is a wonderful news outlet for events in the Church. In fact, major announcements are posted there. One never knows whose name one might read there. It might be a really good idea if we stayed glued to the site in the next couple of days."

    I think personally it was a hint to be watching for some announcement about the "project" that Father Terry is supposed to embark upon.

    ¿Pero, quien sabe?

  2. I have to admit - I'm on the opposite side, but I miss the guy.

  3. I miss Jake, too, terribly. No one does what he did. I didn't comment often, but I read. He was amazing. I'm waiting for the return, too.

    Mark, I'll pray for your mother.

  4. I'm sick. I hate the fade-out of Fr. Jake...selfish, I'm selfish to the core...finally, I thought people like me had a place to say exactly/precisely what was on ones mind...no more pretending, no more wishing things were different than they REALLY are...and then, right in the middle of my strident ravings (yes, I think I'm good for another four years) Fr. Jake requests that we "tone it down" or at least "try"...well, frankly, I couldn't pull it off...I wish I could have offered up soothing words and gracious offerings of good will for those that would persecute LGBT Christians/others in Uganda/Nigeria and beyond...but, I just couldn't.

    I love you Jake/Terry, but I couldn't pretend to be someone that believed something different than I do...I believe religious people who EXCLUDE fellow Christians at all levels of Churchlife are accessories to murder and promote crimes of hate.

    I do believe religious excluders generate crimes of hate.

    I miss you Jake too...I thank you Jake for being tolerant and accepting of me...please come home (you've always been a bigger and more loving spirit than me and people like me...afterall, that's what your job encourage you to be and it works).

    Until later, promise?

  5. Phil said...
    I have to admit - I'm on the opposite side, but I miss the guy.

    12/7/08 9:41 PM

    That's mighty kind of ye...but then, you've always been a really narrow minded/objective kinda sort/sport!

  6. Miserable scraps of paper. I'm retired but how well I know them. It's late in the day, but just an idea: gratitude sometimes eases misery. What about the good soil that your mother has thrown you into over the years? And what about the good soil the church is hurtling us into?

    Blessings on you, your Mother, your scraps and your chance to be real tomorrow.


  7. In his absence, I think we get a much better idea of the work Jake put into stopping the world.

    I appreciate that others are *trying* to take up the slack, but from what I've seen thus far, it ain't really happening. :-/

  8. I completely understand why he did what he did. It was a one man project that went on for 5 years. For one person to do the research and writing he did, and then have to monitor the hundreds of comments they generated is a huge undertaking. It was becoming obvious that it was taking its toll.

    I think huge undertakings like Jake's Place probably need a group of bloggers to keep it going. Perhaps the Daily Kos or Huffington blogs are the model.

    Add my prayers for your mum and for Jake in his next great undertaking.

  9. Yeah, he definitely leaves a hole. The last few posts that are publicly available (?? I think--I saw them when I clicked through yesterday) are really an amazing autobiography... He's quit blogging, and he's still teaching me!

  10. The scrappy Father Jake and the loving Father Terry made for an American original in blog-land. I don't think anyone would want to make a pale copy of that effort. Would we miss the original any less? I doubt it.

    But things evolve in their own way, who knows what will happen. Something new and different, I suspect perhaps from a fresh voice.

  11. Yep, Dan is right...it was exhausting, nerve racking and not-always-so-easy for sensitive and kind/well-menaing Jake to endure the kind of heckling that LGBT people are accustomed to listening to on a daily basis from abusive bigots...but, thank you dear Jake because I think you wanted to keep standing with us..negativity and fear/hate simply wore him down...that is, along with a few "strident" voices like mine...sorry Jake, come back and THIS TIME I promise to be "triply" nice.

    PS I wish you'd leave the side-bar archive for us to revisit on the Jakes Stop the World homepage.


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