The Telegraph Poll.... the list gets closer to the end...

The Telegraph has been listing, ten at a time, the top 50 Anglican influential folk. Posted today, # 21 to 11. Next the top ten! (What's the prize for #1? Who is #2?)

Here is the list today:

11. Tom Wright - Bishop of Durham
12. Drexel Gomez - Archbishop of West Indies
13. Kenneth Kearon - secetary-general of Anglican Consultative Council
14. Gregory Cameron - Deputy secretary-general of Anglican Consultative Council.
15. Lord Carey - former Archbishop of Canterbury
16. Martyn Minns - missionary leader of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America
17. Philip Aspinall - Primate of Australia
18. Bonnie Anderson - Chair, the Episcopal Church House of Deputies
19. Marc Andrus - Bishop of California
20. Jenny Te Paa - Maori, New Zealand

The Telegraph got some of this screwed up. Given the titles given to each of these folk, Martyn Minns is Bishop as well as "missinary leader." (I don't like it but he is.) Bonnie Anderson is President of the House of Deputies and Jenny Te Paa is Dean.

Here is the ongoing rate card from the past days:

21 Michael Ingham - Bishop of New Westminster
22. Nicky Gumbel . - founder of Alpha course, vicar of HTB
23 Giles Fraser - vicar of Putney
24. Mouneer Anis - Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East
25. Benjamin Nzimbi - Archbishop of Kenya
26. John Chew - Bishop of Singapore, Archbishop of South-east Asia
27. Howard Ahmanson - Church funder
28. John Chane - Bishop of Washington
29. Lucy Winkett - canon at St Paul’s cathedral
30.Ian Douglas - professor of mission at Episcopal Divinity School, Lambeth Design Group.
31 Barry Morgan - Archbishop of Wales
32 Jane Williams - theologian
33 Philip Giddings - convener of Anglican Mainstream
34 Susan Russell - Integrity, USA
35 Paul Handley - editor, Church Times
36 Kendal Harmon - blogger
37 Bob Duncan - Bishop of Pittsburgh
38 Michael Poon - Singapore theologian
39 Ian Earnest - Primate of the Indian Ocean, Chairman of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA)
40 Kathy Grieb - Episcopal Church theologian,
41 Jamie Calloway - vicar of Trinity Wall Street
42 Davis Mac-Iyalla - Changing Attitude, Nigeria
43 Chris Sugden - director of Anglican Mainstream
44 Esther Mombo - Dean of St Paul’s theological college, Kenya
45 Marily McCord Adams - Regius professor of divinity, Oxford University
46 Simon Sarmiento - blogger
47 Tom Butler - Bishop of Southwark
48 June Osborne - Dean of Salisbury
49 Norman Doe - Anglican lawyer
50 Ephraim Radner - Wycliffe Theological College Toronto, theologian.

Running tabs: M 31, F 9; US 10, Canada 2, UK 17, other 10; Bps 14. KbyMP (known by Mark of Preludium) 21. Knowing how hard it is to count some.... I put Ephraim in Canada and Marily McCord Adams in England.. that is where they both work.

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  1. So, are we pretty sure that ++ABC, ++ABY and ++USA are in the top ten, along with a few GAFCON characters?

    Maybe even +New Hampshire?


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