When the Sainted Mother emails "upgrade."

Anne at 92
Anne Harris, aka "the Sainted Mother," is dying. This is of course nothing new. At almost 93 she has a sense of this coming for some time. But today she wrote an email with the simple subject line, "upgrade."  

The Angel Israfel
Anne is a computer freak, a proud owner of a Mac Book Pro which she learned to use shortly after her 90th birthday, and an iPad on which she often writes family.  For years she was a MS Dos user. In particular she used several software programs to produce books of computer generated pictures. The one to the right, "The angel Israfel, whose heart strings are a lute, And who has the sweetest voice of all God's creatures" is particularly appropriate this evening. You can see some more of her work HERE.

Angel of Death
So, death as "upgrade." Right. As she sits with the angel of death by her side (see her computer drawing of the AofD) I am aware that death at the end of a good life well led is a friend. The goofy buzzard with the halo is about right. Anne waits for Israfel too, whose songs she can anticipate.

Who knows when it will be, but sooner rather than later.

Still, it makes me sad. I think it is supposed to.


JCF said...


Prayers for Anne and you at this time.

[My dad is 90...so 'nuff said. :-/]

Grandmère Mimi said...

Mark, I offer my prayers for "the Sainted Mother" and her family, including you, m'dear. Anne Harris knows what she's about.

Her paintings are lovely.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

What a lady, what a son of a wonderous lady-- you both give well-adjusted even spiritually healthier new meaning...love to you both.


Caminante said...

Oh Mark... you and Saint Anne are in my prayers... there is no preparation for this passage. <3 Lee

Ann said...

Prayers for all of you.

AndrewPlus said...

Prayers ascend.


Lois Keen said...

Prayers, Mark, for you and Santa Anna. We've been party to her joy and life and art for so long, that grief is real and she will be missed.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Ah, dear friend. And so it goes. You know that you and Katharine and Anne have my prayers as you make your way through this final passage.

Sooner, rather than later and all in God's good time.

motheramelia said...

Your mother is a woman who knows how to live. Blessings on all of you.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Prayers for both of you...

I love the image I got of your mother with her iPad. :-)


it's margaret said...

God bless you all --and God bless your Sainted Mother for her clarity and fearlessness. You all will be in my prayers.

Jim said...

Prayers full of joy at a conclusion of a life lived very well, and sorrow for your family's coming loss.


Fred Schwartz said...

It is hard to truly capture what life will be like after your mom dies. There are few people in the world willing to listen intently to our drivel. There are fewer people who have that uncanny ability to pick up the phone and cheer you up just when the silver lining has turned to frayed threads. There are is only one person willing to put her arms around you and hug you at any age and know that everything is going to be all right.
On many a particularly awful day I still find myself picking up the phone to call my mom only to remember that she has been with the Lord since 1994.
My prayers are with both you and your mother now and always.

Paul said...

Prayers for a peaceful and blessed upgrade. I now love will surround you all; may you feel it deeply.

elizabeth said...

God bless you both

Observer said...

you have been blessed with a very long relationship with your mother - I think you must be a very good son!

Anonymous said...

No matter our age, we become an orphan with the loss of a parent. The touchstone is gone, never to be replaced.

May God's deep and abiding peace be upon you and yours as the time comes for your beloved mother to enter into greater glory.

-miserable sinner

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Add my prayers to the list, Mark.

You know what I find absolutely astounding about your mom? Yes, she craves an "upgrade." But from what I have picked up about your mom from your blog, and from those great pictures of hers, her desire for an upgrade doesn't seem to diminish one single moment where she is in the "now"--an iPad user in her 90's, a computer generated artist. She sure knows how to work the OS she is in right now. I only hope and pray I can do half as well, should I make it to a "nonogenarianotic state."