Christmas Amalgam

Christmas Amalgam:

I’m dreaming of a true Christmas
Where every one who seeks will find,

And the doors will open,

No hopes be broken,

Where hearts find joys profound.

Silent Night,

By the sighs of the weary

Because they are weary no more,

Silent Night, Holy Night

All is calm,

no longer fright
Of hunger, war or ravage,

Justice and love now accomplished

In God’s new day.

Of the Father’s love begotten,

Let there be

A new earth to greet
The chosen of the Lord,

And Paradise restored.

Angels we have heard on high

Singing this time,

and with great joy,
Not of the first coming,

In its simplicity

Not of the second,

In its power,

But of the very best,

The present reality.

Come, Lord Jesus.

Mark Harris, 2011


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Fr. Mark...Merry Christmas dreams to you and yours.


Caminante said...

Mark, this is wonderful. A blessed Christmas. May the Christ child fill your heart with joy.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Lovely, Mark. May your dream come true for you and for those you love...and for us all.

it's margaret said...

Merry Christmas, Mark! To you and your whole family!

Lapinbizarre said...

Thank you and a Very Happy Christmas

Brian said...

Mark, a blessed Christmas to you and yours! Thank you f or providing this resting place for us.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Merry Christmas, dearheart

WV: "toubut". Amen.