Fartin' around avoiding really hard work.

Readers know that I have gotten a typewriter. Here is the first poem done from scratch on the Royal Quiet De Lux Portable:

You may notice the great spell checking possibilities offered using this system. It is called "pencil correction."

The poem made tidy on the computer:

Prayer wheel

Ten times
he spun the prayer wheel,
ten times the prayer
was answered

and yet nothing veered
one thousandth of an inch
from its determined course,
nothing not expected,
nothing new was listed
with the hairs counted and 
the birds cared for.


The prayer was a proper prayer,
the spin was perfect.

When God heard the prayer
it came as a whisper
saying "all is well,
all is well."

I also got in the mail some papers treated to make cyanotype.  Here is one, scratched on transparency film that has been coated with laser printer ink and then as a negative used to produce the final product, to wit:

The discerning viewer will recognize the socialist motif among the ruins of imagination unfettered by the need to do much else but dream.

This beats the hell out of working on the outline of the book I am proposing to write. 

By the way, I've been itching to find a proper context to point you to some wonderful new art work by Leonardo Ricardo. The context is wondering about real creativity. The pointer is HERE.  His work explodes with color.

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Lapinbizarre said...

Thanks for the memories. Things for which I do not wax nostalgic.