Romney goes too far: Does the "nudge - nudge"

OK. To start with I don't use Preludium much in advocacy of this or that political party.  Our focus here is on other matters. But Romney has stepped over the line and he is appalling. Time for a Primal Scream.

Mich Romney produces amazing headaches. And he does so leaving us with almost no indication that he lives in the world with the rest of us.

He is quoted in the NY Times yesterday as saying, "I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”  This is a remarkably telling comment, all the more so because Romney dismisses it as a bit of humor. 

This is the sort of humor that is practice for thinking that profiling is funny or that "nudge -nudge, wink -wink" we know who does have to show his birth certificate. This is some sort of combination of poor taste, residual class and caste prejudice, and just plain arrogance. Remember "nudge - nudge"?


Fred Schwartz said...

They have been nudging and winking ever since Reagan came to power in California.

Mary Sue said...

My family has lived on the same piece of property for five generations. I am eligible for membership in the General Society for Mayflower Descendants.

I have been stopped and asked by persons multiple times on the street for my birth certificate.

Note I don't say law enforcement. These were private citizens, complete strangers who took it upon themselves to invade my personal space request proof of citizenship from me.

Because I didn't look American enough to them. Because I'm not white.

Governor Romney's wink is met with a stony stare. Governor Romney's nudge is met with moving away.