Gleanings from Episcopal / Anglican news.

News in The Episcopal Church comes in a variety of ways. Episcopal News Service covers a range of Episcopal and Anglican news, but for some reason a fair amount of "regular" news seems to slip by without comment. I am very thankful for the work of ENS for its news gathering.  But, recognizing that some of the news gets gathered elsewhere and involves my friends, I graze the field for info.   Most of my friends, being regular paid up Episcopal and Anglican folk are mentioned in other venues, where their activities are seen as good or bad news, depending.

Bishop Rayford High, entry-way mate at The Episcopal Theological School, having been bishop suffragan in Texas for some time has now been invited by the Diocese of Fort Worth (the real honest Episcopal Diocese) to be provisional bishop. If approved by the Diocesan Convenetion in November, he will take office shortly thereafter.  The Living Church and Anglican Ink both reported this (with different slants, obviously).  I'm pleased for Rayford and for the Diocese both. He is a solid calm presence. Anything having to do with the episcopate in the  Diocese of Fort Worth is worth noting, given the difficulties of the recent past.

The Rev. Linda Grenz, chief everything for Leader Resources, old friend and all around champion for the cause of a more highly energized and motivated church, has joined the staff of the Diocese of Rhode Island during the transition to the new bishop Nick Knisely. When he is in place Linda will become Canon to the Ordinary.  An amazingly good appointment!  

This would not rise to the level of national news except for the fact that Linda Grenz has widely written, published, organized and otherwise opined on many matters pertaining to congregational life. What is newsworthy here is that she is taking the risk of having to personally put her ideas back in the mix of actual diocesan processes and politics, and the Bishop has appointed a Canon who will hold him to the actualization of vision. Gutsy on both their parts.

The news about Linda Grenz came from the Facebook page for the Diocese and chatter on the House of Bishops/ House of Deputies list. Apparently lots of people are excited about this one! For good reason.

Both of these bits of news are about good news. And as always good news comes from occasions when relatively normal people on the ground do things that serve the commonwealth of God.


Jerry said...

During my stint as Chairperson of the Stewardship Committee at my church, I learned SO MUCH from Linda Grenz's writings -- specifically the connection between gratefulness and thankfulness and giving (back). -Jerry Buescher, Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Philadelphia

Grandmère Mimi said...

An amazingly good appointment!

I wonder why the appointment of Linda Grenz is amazing. Why is it such a surprise that a bishop in TEC would take a risk?