Bishop Wayne Wright... Bishop Chairperson.

Bishop Wayne Wright, bishop of all Delaware and little Lewes, the small town on the bay and near the big water, had some news this past week.  He writes on the Diocesan website:

"This week I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico, attending the fall board meeting of the Church Pension Fund. I have good news to share. This morning I was elected Chair of the Church Pension Fund Board of Trustees. I am very honored by the opportunity to serve our church in this new way. Over the next three years I will be working with CPG President Mary Kate Wold, the board, and CPG staff to guide the mission and resources of the institution that supports our church in so many different ways."

Bishop Wright has been instrumental in working to see the Church Pension Group attend to the needs of clergy serving in churches outside the US and to the needs of other provinces to develop their own pension programs. He brings a commitment to see that the learnings of the Pension Group are shared with the wider Anglican community. 

On this one, he as stepped up to the plate. 

Congratulations. oh tall one.

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