NakedPastor's take on Coming Out Day

I'm a follower of Jesus, and among his many talents Jesus apparently has better gay-dar than I do. Leastwise if nakedpastor (David Hayward) gets it right (as I am sure he does.)  On the other hand, I'm hopeless. 

Nakedpastor is doing some wonderfully quirky and gentle cartoons, and I recommend him to you. Here is the one for coming out day. His stuff can be found HERE. 

Here is "I think I'm gay."

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IT said...

Brilliant brilliant.

You know, that's how my parents responded. It was a Big Thing to me, and I was worried when I flew home to tell them that they would be upset. I made contingency plans to leave quickly.

And then they said, "Darling, we know. We were waiting for you to tell us." And my beloved is their favorite daughter in law.

Still it's hard to explain to straight people how scary this is. Sadly, for too many people, parents reject them. And so does their idea of Jesus. They don't experience the wild ,unconditional love. And that explains quite a lot about the relationship of many LGBT people and Religion.

Lapinbizarre said...

I saw this cartoon a few months ago and it's as lovely today as it was when I first saw it.

nakedpastor said...

hey thanks for posting my cartoon and for your nice words.