It's the little joys...

Day 2 (November 15) in Port au Prince.

The surprise of discovering that the shower in the guest apartment at the Seminary has HOT WATER was wonderful!  After a long day which included a stint at teaching, I finally had some time alone in the evening to take a shower. WOW, hot water!  In all my visits here I have come to expect that I would not experience hot water until I returned to the US at Christmas. But there it is.

Little things:

Bigger little things. While in seminary at The Episcopal Theological School (now folded into EDS) I was an exchange student to El Seminario Episcopal de Caribe.  The daily office and the Eucharist was offered in turn in Spanish, English and French. Now after all these years I'm again on the back row working my way thorough Evening Prayer in French. The words are close enough and I remember the prayers in English so recognize their French translation. But it is again a surprise and delight to taste the difference.  "Covenant" in the consecration prayer becomes "Alliance," a nicely different nuanced meaning.  But mostly I appreciate being in a seminary prayer community again.

Little things:

Knowing that my presence here is much more than the limits of my language abilities would suggest. It oddly means something just to be with others as they go about their work, even if my work turns out to be the parallel play of a three year old in a seventy-two year old body.

So prayers of thanksgiving for the little joys.

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Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Presence. Incarnation. All little sacrifices and joys to bring to making Eucharist.