Seeing Episcopal Anglican land from a different perspective

There are difficult matters at stake in Episcopal Anglican land these days, and I am trying to get the energy together to comment on some of the most recent problems. I am particularly concerned with the problems in the Diocese of South Carolina where some how it requires 3-D glasses to see the Diocese rather than two parallel universes.

But the energy and the focus is elsewhere.  I am landed at the Seminary of the Diocese of Haiti where I will be scholar in residence for three months. I got in yesterday afternoon and after spending the evening with good friends Yvan and Cecile Francois this morning I moved in to current digs in Port au Prince.  It's pretty posh given place and time. A large bedroom / study with a private bathroom and full kitchen next door. The electricity seems to work most of the time and there is internet (a bit slow but here.)  So one way or another I hope to post from here fairly regularly.  

It's amazing to think of being here for three months!  Kathryn and all friends in Lewes, family and encourager from around and about.... Thanks for making it possible. That and scholarships from the sainted mother Anne, who left some money in the bank when she died, and from the esteemed bishop of Delaware who added to the pot.

So, here I am. God willing it will serve others as it surely will serve me. 

Update:  Program always changes.... Pere Yvan is not going to be here for his class this afternoon. Dinese and I are working through bad French and bad English to get another teacher to lead group with me as second stringer.  We will see what happens.


Leonard Clark said...

Wonderful! Haiti sprouting new life before you.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

You'll be in my prayers, Mark. You will be missed but you are doing important work. Enjoy!