Incarnation: the big one, and the many lesser ones.

THE INCARNATION writ big is God fully present in Jesus as the Anointed One, and all that. Its a big idea and there are lots of issues, as they say.  Some have described it as the "Anglican heresy" given the Anglicans tendency to accent the notion, placing it center stage, as it were.

But incarnation writ small is something can see and feel, it comes out in small acts of joyful embodiment of God's love for the whole created universe, in dance, in song.  So, to sign off (assuming there are not big deals in Anglican Land in the next few days) here are three offerings.

First (hat tip to Ann Fontaine over at the Lead) this video of dance around the world with Matt.

 And then this: From  Haiti, a group of well know singers singing "Give Haiti a Chance." It is a celebration of life beyond the limits of the moment. Written in 2006 it plays well in post earthquake Haiti, where giving Haiti a chance is all the more important. 

And finally, a song I come back to because it is so beautiful and it pleas to Mary, who had no small part in the BIG Incarnation, and somehow in our hearts still is the carrier of the notion that we can be God bearers. Its by Eliza Gilkyson arranged by Graig H. Johnson. 

 May you always know Love, incarnate. 

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