Episcopal Cafe... a wonderful resource from the high grass roots

Episcopal Cafe has published some notes on its activities last year. They reveal a very health site, with lots of activity.  EC is one of the reasons I rest easier in writing on Preludium. They cover much of the Anglican / Episcopal landscape is ways I never could hope to, or even want to. Their editorial approach is well grounded and clear. They are an example of how a ministry of communication can be done in The Episcopal Church from other than "official" channels.  And I really like the four part grid of information paths.

So here is to Episcopal Cafe.  Of course I am biased. I note the following from their article on Numbers with pride:

"The top referring blogs were Thinking Anglicans (17,377), Kendall Harmon (13,849), Mark Harris (13,332) and Text Week (6,991)"

Glad to be a referring blog, even if I follow after the esteemed Kendall Harmon in pointing the way.


it's margaret said...

Just so you know --and not that I'm even close to the Cafe... but you referred over 6,000 folks my way this year --so, thank you!

Murdoch Matthew said...

The Caffe may send viewers your way, but as It's Margaret observes, Preludium is also a major referral station. I use the sidebar of blogs on Preludium to keep up with new postings on Wounded Bird, Tobias Haller, Pluralist, Counterlight, and others as they appear interesting. And yes, updates on Preludium are great in their own right, too.

Thank you , Mark Harris.