More Twitter Poems, exactly 140 character spaces long.

(Here in Preludium Land there is a remarkable lack of interest in Episcopal and Anglican doings at the moment. Perhaps it is because it is lazy summer, perhaps it is because nothing much is happening. Perhaps it is because the real work of church goes on just fine in spite of the buzz of ecclesial flies. Who knows? 

But out there in Twitter Land I've been writing twitter poems - poems exactly 140 character spaces long.  I use the counter on Twitter as my guide and I write and edit to "0" on the counter. 

The interesting thing is that 140 character spaces seems about right for aphorisms and short bursts of one sort or another. And it is enjoyable to do.  Hope you enjoy some of the latest.)

Creation without pay:

Creation is without pay.
God still expected rest
& a day off.
If God demands bennies
We who work for bread
& bless creation
Have the right.

No bread today:

No bread today
Is death tomorrow;
Bread today only is a
poor & patient sorrow.

"Give us today
Tomorrows bread"-
Abundant living
& a prayer.

Mad Lust:

The mad lust
for mayonnaise:
I don't need it,
don't want it.

Yet when mayonnaise calls,
It is mayonnaise now
or I am just a hollow nothing.

Explanation of Mad Lust Poem:

OK, so U think
the mayonnaise poem is nothing.
U be poetic about sex
in exactly 140 characters, 
or write a poem
using the word mayonnaise.

Dead Jellyfish:

The jellyfish died in captivity.
One minute alive in a jar
On the table,
The next dead. 

There it is.
& you & I
Are left to wonder,

Cool Front:

A cool front is moving in
& death has withdrawn
To return another day.
For now life has pushed back
& intemperate excess
Falls to glad song.

Her first letter:

She keeps her first
Boyfriend letter
In a cigar box
I gave her yesterday
Before the mail came,
When she was
Still a child
& life was simple.

All creation needs to eat:

all creation comes a-running
when its time to eat,
but who is for dinner 
&  who is the winner
is mostly about swift feet,
& cruel cunning.

A baker, a priest and a felon.

A baker
A priest
& a felon 
Sat down for sushi
& got up to change
The whole world,
Or become aware,
Or both.
Only the waiter
Knows for sure.

Hot enough to go mad:

hot: not enough for madness,
enough for sloth.
Turning the page
is more than I in my age
can muster, a moth,
loving the flame,
now helpless.

The glorious Fourth:

the fourth,  the fourth,
in which we little people
make it clear:
we are not derivative of fear
&  enslaved mind,
we can begin again,

The rains of justice:

It rains on the just and unjust
with the same abandon
as justice is distributed itself, 
and not God, or nature
or the courts seem to mind.


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