Nothing much to do with Anglicanism, unless we drink mom's milk, as Jesus did.

So feeding an infant from mother's breasts continues to be a socially unacceptable practice in all too many venues.  Come to think of it I have not seen a mother breast feeding in a public place for a long time. It is, well, "just not done."  In recent years a few instances of breast feeding involved a protective "tent" to cover baby's head and mother's breast. It is a continuing stupidity of our culture that breasts are everywhere but in their essential function, nowhere to be seen.  

Here is a wonderful poet / mother video on the matter:

Very simple things make great differences. 


SCM said...

Is the 'tent' issue yours or do women also care? Some may prefer the modesty/privacy. I know my wife does.


Mark Harris said...

It is not "the tent issue," it is an observation.

Next line should have been a different paragraph.

Nursing mothers of course can be modest in public or in private. It's their call.

Paul Powers said...

Texas has a statute that states that a mother is entitled to breast feed her child in any location she's authorized to be. I was concerned that wet nurses weren't protected, but I've been informed that there aren't that many wet nurses around here anymore.

MarkBrunson said...

It's the lasciviousness of you straights that brings it about.