US Episcopalian Christine Housel heads up World Student Christian Federation

Christine Housel. former Volunteer for Mission from Delaware, has been elected general secretary of the World Student Christian Federation.  This is great for WSCF and great for her!

Christine Housel. Photo: © Peter Kenny / ENI
Geneva (ENInews). Christine Housel, an Episcopalian (Anglican) from the United States, has been elected the new general secretary of the World Student Christian Federation, a global grouping of student groups that promotes dialogue, ecumenism, social justice and peace. The WSCF was founded in 1895 by the North American evangelist and global ecumenist John R. Mott, whose efforts also led to the creation of the World Council of Churches more than half a century later.Housel studied philosophy at Wheaton College near Chicago and did a Masters of Divinity at Yale Divinity School. She has served as project manager at the federation's international office in Geneva since 2008.


  1. Mark this is great news! I remember Christine - I am so happy for her and for the WSCF. Well done, all!


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